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Blast testing on the range

Standing outside on a cold winters day at the test range waiting on the countdown can be cold and tedious until the button is pushed!

Standing behind a 2meter thick blast protection at a distance of 1000metres you feel the physical pressure wave split seconds before you hear the blast, as to viewing it that's only on the protected high speed camera after the event. on the slow motion view you can see the pressure wave rush across the sand as an ever widening circle. This pressure wave pushing out and up in a dome is the first destructive pressure but the reverse pull of the vacuum after the blast is still more destructive. Fortunately out on the range in the bunker we are safe, in a built up area a blast of this size would cause massive destruction. Fortunately the structural calculations on our test window were spot on and the outer pane takes the first pressure while the inner pane prevents any spall or residual blast pressure entering the room

Before the test

After the blast the outer skin distorted by the blast while the inner skin remains intact

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